Christian Women’s Club

The Christian Women’s Club (CWC) is comprised of women of the parish who meet on a regular basis to promote the social and spiritual welfare of their group and the parish at large. The specific mission of the Women’s Club is to promote devotion to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Open to all women of the parish without regard to their ability to participate, the Christian Women’s Club serves the parish under the direction and advice of the pastor. The CWC advances the spiritual welfare of its members through regular liturgies, a ‘Living Rosary’ in October, and the May Crowning of Mary each year, together with children of the parish, to honor the Blessed Mother.  Regular meetings, special programs and group outings accommodate the social needs of CWC members.

These women of the parish contribute to the parish’s Christian service effort by helping to maintain and decorate the church; by collecting coats for the homeless and providing layettes and other items for families in need, and by donating to several charities. The Christian Women sponsor bake sales twice each year to raise the funds necessary to accomplish their goals.

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