Moms of Young Children

Supporting each other in their vocation as mothers of little children is the St. Linus MOMs (Meet Other Mothers) Group, which seeks a scripture-based understanding of their role in the life of their families.

Objectives for the MOMs group include:

  • To offer opportunities for socialization with other Catholic mothers
  • To provide spiritual, social and developmental opportunities for their children
  • To provide service to the community
  • To enhance their own spirituality as individuals, as women, and as mothers

The MOMs Group understands the demands that are placed on their time, so they seek to achieve these objectives without over-taxing a family’s budget or time. Commitments of time and expense are to be minimal and will be left up to each individual member.

The group is comprised of the following five committees, each relating in some way to Catholic motherhood:

  • A children’s/playgroup committee which will organize play groups and monthly outings to the park or zoo or other locations for the children
  • A social committee that provides for the moms or for couples, including the husbands in their monthly excursion.
  • A service committee that provides opportunities to assist in charitable activities in or out of the parish.
  • A spirituality committee to prepare prayers, and organize retreats, seasonal rosaries, and children’s prayer services
  • A hospitality/bulletin committee which welcomes new members and uses the parish bulletin to keep members informed of group activities

For more information on the MOMs group at St. Linus, please contact Shannon Bauer at (313)282-9256 or e-mail

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