Homework Assignments

Bucket Filling: Remember to be a “Bucket Filler”! Be kind, considerate, compassionate, polite, caring, respectful, and above all

“A Loving and Caring Person” because God loves you! 

Pfalum Gospel Weeklies:

September 21, 2020

Grade 1: God’s Love is Generous / Chapter 2: God Gives Us Choices

Grades 2 & 3: God is Generous to His People/ God Gives Us Choices

Grades 4 & 5: Welcome to Venture/ Take the Bible Challenge

Grades 6-8: What do you know?/ Yes or No?

Make sure to do the Pre-test and then the Chapter tests/ send completed tests to me.

October 5, 2020: Pflaum Gospel Weeklies

Grade 1: God Cares for all Creation/ Jesus Invites Us to a Holy Meal

Grades 2-3: God Created Everything/ Jesus Invites Us to His Feast

Grades 4-5: We are a ____/ Jesus Cares for Everyone.

Grades 6-8: How am I responsible?/ We Share Meals Together

Make sure to do the tests after each chapter and email the results to me.

God Bless! Mrs. Stachulski/DRE

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