Homework Assignments

Bucket Filling: Remember to be a “Bucket Filler”! Be kind, considerate, compassionate, polite, caring, respectful, and above all

“A Loving and Caring Person” because God loves you! 

May Crowning : If you have a Mary Statute at home or in your garden, say the Rosary with your family and ask our Blessed Mother to grant you many blessings, along with hope for our world. use the mailing that i sent out to follow along with prayers and song!

PLEASE:  Remember : To mail back or email your responses to the “Family Questionnaire” that was mailed out to each family. It is very important that we receive your information for future updates on Religious Education News and Sacramental News!

A Prayer for Summer

We pray Lord for more Light in our days and we Thank You. We pray for gentle mornings, we Thank You! For long night conversations with those we love, we Thank You! For friends and family, we Thank You! For gardens and all manner of creatures, we Thank You! Help us to love this earth, help us dwell wholeheartedly in our lives this day. Help us pray as we walk, work, play, rest and create. Amen!

Take time this summer to enjoy God’s Creation; and we hope to see you soon at Mass, once we reopen for a joyous celebration!

God Bless! Mrs. Stachulski/DRE

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