Men’s Club

Wherever there is a school, there are children. And wherever there are children, there will be games — games such as baseball and basketball where young people get their first real taste of team sports, where they learn to work together, where they learn the joys of victory, and where they learn how to handle defeat.

At St. Linus, the story is no different. And there to provide the sports activities for the students is the St. Linus Men’s Club. To enable the boys and girls of the parish to play team sports, league schedules must be arranged; ball fields or courts must be prepared; equipment must be purchased and maintained; and coaches must be recruited. Members of the parish who belong to the St. Linus Men’s Club do all of this and more, providing the opportunities that our children need to play in a team sport.

Each summer, the Men’s Club also sponsors a golf outing which honors a deceased member of the parish for past contributions and which raises funds for the parish’s St. Vincent De Paul conference. The work of the Men’s Club helps make men out of boys, women out of girls, and helps support those in need in our community.

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