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CYO Sports

St. Linus offers multiple CYO programs for children of our community.

CYO opportunities include Basketball for boys and girls in grades five through eight, and possibly in the fourth grade as well, depending on the number of participants. In addition, Varsity Volleyball is offered for players grades 5-8.  Also offered is Competitive Cheerleading, in which cheerleaders in grades 5-8 lead cheers at St. Linus games and participate in two CYO competitions as well as the Prep Bowl at Ford Field.

In the Spring each year, Baseball and Softball are offered for students in grades five through eight. Once again, the opportunities may be extended to those in grade four, depending on the number of participants.

CYO Athletics is a parish-based program that is dedicated to the development of youth as student athletes by introducing them to the basics of athletics and teamwork and encouraging them to express Catholic values, sportsmanship and fair play that leads to a positive athletic experience.

CYO programs are open to all students attending a Catholic school or participating in a Religious Education program.

For information on CYO sports opportunities, contact St. Linus Men’s Club Athletic Director Darrell Staley at

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