Funeral Planning

Celebrating Funerals at St. Linus Catholic Church

We at St. Linus express our sympathy at the loss of your loved one. It is our hope that you will find strength and consolation through your faith in God. The information provided here is intended to assist your family, especially those who may live out of town.

In preparing for a funeral, please contact the parish office for assistance as soon as possible. Our staff will assist with coordinating the arrangements, including scheduling a funeral date and time and arranging for the priest and musician. Raymond Staroscik, Director of Music & Liturgy, will provide music for the liturgy unless there is a special circumstance. Raymond will meet with the family to answer questions and assist with choosing the readings and music for the liturgy. If the family wishes to prepare a worship aid, Raymond will provide information for the liturgical portion. When possible, Fr. Patrick also meets with the family, and he integrates personal information about your loved one into the homily.

The Vigil or Wake is often celebrated the evening before the Funeral Liturgy and is a time for prayer and remembrances by family and friends. It is celebrated in the funeral home. This is the most opportune time for eulogies and sharing stories of the deceased.

**PLEASE NOTE:  Eulogies are not permitted within the context of the funeral mass.**

Parish wake ministers are available to assist with a Scripture Service or praying the Rosary.

The Funeral Liturgy is the central liturgical celebration of the Christian community for the deceased. A Funeral Mass may be celebrated with the body of the deceased present; the body may either be buried or cremated after the funeral Mass. Alternately, a Memorial Mass may be celebrated in the church, either with or without cremated remains present. The liturgy remains the same except for blessing the body or cremated remains if they are present.

We celebrate the funeral liturgy as either a Mass (with distribution of Holy Communion) or a Funeral Liturgy outside Mass. Family members are encouraged to assist in proclaiming the readings and prayer of the faithful.

The Rite of Committal is normally conducted immediately following the funeral liturgy. The rite consists of The Prayer over the Place of Committal, Committal, Lord’s Prayer and Prayer for the People. The rite usually lasts about fifteen minutes. If the body is cremated, the Church’s expectation is that the cremated remains will be interred in the ground or in a columbarium (niche).

Our practice at St. Linus is to welcome any Catholic who wishes to have a Catholic funeral liturgy (we do not require parish membership). There is a fee for the musician, and an honorarium may also be given to the priest. The parish accepts memorial gifts in memory of the deceased.

Please contact the parish office at (313)274-4500 regarding any questions you may have. We hope this information is of assistance during your time of grief.

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