Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson

If smiling and whistling favorite tunes and calling everybody by name qualifies someone for his job, then Edwin (Ed) Robinson is supremely qualified to serve St. Linus Parish as its maintenance supervisor.

A member of St. Linus since his birth, Ed worked part time in maintenance from 1989-1999, and assumed full time duties in 2003. Ed describes his job as “Pretty much everything that needs fixing, cleaning, setting up or tearing down” and that includes caring for the parish grounds.

For Ed, St. Linus is truly “home”. Not only was he baptized here and attended school here, but his children also attended St. Linus, his wife Erin teaches 7th grade here, and he lives across the street from the church.

A member of the St. Linus Knights of Columbus, Ed is a frequent prayer leader at St. Linus and considers himself to be greatly blessed to be part of this parish.

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