Returning to the Church

If you or a loved one have been away from the Church for many years, or even for a short time, know that you are always welcome to return. Each of us walks a different path in this life and you will not be judged because of the path you have taken.

If you have not yet received all of the sacraments, you will want to contact Deacon Jerry at He can help you to arrange to receive the sacraments you have missed in order to join in full communion with the Church.

If you have received the sacraments, but have been living outside of God’s grace, you will want to speak with our pastor, Fr. Paul Ballien at Through the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Fr. Paul can help you find your way back to God and to a life of discipleship in Christ.

Or feel free to stop by if you’d just like to visit and find out more about our church. You’ll find that you’ll be welcome.

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