Topics for Discussion in RCIA Sessions

The RCIA process – Rites of Acceptance,
Election, Initiation; Principles of Catholicism

Mere Christianity – Gospel values

Revelation – the Bible

Other books of the Church

Images of God in Scripture – God the Father

Images of God in Scripture – God the Son

Images of God in Scripture – God the Holy Spirit

Images of God in Scripture – The Trinity

Mary and the Saints

The Church and its Calendar

Prayers and Devotions

Prayers of the Church

The Mass

Marks of the Church, teaching authority of the Church

Things supernatural

The Sacraments – Baptism and Confirmation

The Sacraments – the Eucharist, Holy Matrimony

The Sacraments – Holy Orders, Anointing of the Sick

How we are saved – grace, faith and works

The Church in society – Catholic social teaching

Eschatology – salvation and the afterlife

Evil in the world – Catholic perspective on suffering

Morality – the Commandments and sin

Moral judgments – conscience

The Sacraments – Reconciliation

The Paschal Mystery

Life in the Spirit – spirituality

Life in the Spirit – Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Life in the Spirit – Christ’s call to discipleship

Life in the Spirit – stewardship – treasure, time and talent

Life in the Spirit – Faith formation, vocations

Life in the Spirit – the Apostles’ faith in action

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