Religious Education Commission

The Religious Education Commission has the objective of overseeing and maintaining a proper balance regarding the religious education of the entire parish and supports and nurtures a comprehensive plan for religious formation and education, from our pre-schoolers through our senior citizens. The Religious Education Commission priorities include: classroom learning, service opportunities, retreats, sacramental preparations, adult programs and parent programs. Spiritual formation is more than factual learning. It involves experiencing God. This is the reason we provide classes, opportunities to pray together, share the scriptures, attend Mass, engage in parent education and perform service projects.

The Commission consists of the pastor or his representative, the Director of Religious Formation for Pre-School through Grade 8, School Principal, Adult Education and representatives of Baptismal and Marriage Preparation and RCIA ministries. These members identify the educational needs of the parish and ensure those needs are being met. The Commission meets four times throughout the year to discuss formation issues and the needs of the community.

If you would like more information on the Education Commission please contact our Director of Religious Formation, Shannon Pryce at (313)274-4500.

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