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St. Linus Catholic School currently uses a curriculum that is a combination of Common Core Curriculum, Archdiocese of Detroit ELA, Mathematics, & Religion Curriculum, and Michigan State Standards for Social Studies and Science.  This allows us to tailor our curriculum to fit the needs of our students, provides a rigorous academic program, and allows further knowledge development throughout the core subjects.

  • Some additional support of academics:
    • Algebra is part of the 8th Grade Math curriculum, building a solid base for success in high school.
    • Partnerships exist with Berkley Public Schools for Grades K-8 for education in:
      Art, Music, Physical Education, Study Skills, Spanish, Technology Skills.
    • A teacher-sponsored afterschool Homework Club assists Middle School students.
    • Lower Elementary grades heavily focus on literacy and emerging mathematics skills allowing for development of higher level skills as students progress.
    • Upper Elementary grades focus on learning to be learners and good students, focusing on the skills necessary for students to succeed in Middle School.
    • Middle School focuses on development of the skills necessary for students to successfully complete their education at St. Linus Catholic School and transition into the high school program with ease.
    • Speech, ESL, and Teacher Consultant services provided by Crestwood Public Schools.
      • Children that present with learning difficulties will follow a set process of
        • (1) child study → (2) documented classroom interventions done by classroom teacher and study skills teacher → (3) a referral for testing or request for testing by parent  → (4) a joint meeting between St. Linus staff and Crestwood staff to set out testing and best plan of action
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