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Kroger Enrollment Information

Thank you to all of the Parents and Parishioners who have participated in the Kroger Community Rewards Program.  It is a terrific program and the monies earned helps with student tuition and the general fund.  The enrollment/re-enrollment for the program is May 1st.  Although many enrollees are familiar with the program and how it works, there are many who have asked, so I have provided the following explanation.

The Kroger Co. each quarter gives away $500,000 or $2,000,000 a year.   Yes, gives away – free money to any registered organization such as ours.  On a quarterly basis, picture the $500,000 as a large pie.  The more money we spend as a group, we receive a larger slice of the pie.  Once we receive our slice of the pie, it is broken down even further.

Every family who has a student at St. Linus and has signed up for the Kroger program will receive money towards their tuition.  Registering your Kroger card to St. Linus – Dearborn Heights, MI under Community Rewards is very important.

Each card registered is tracked internally at Kroger.  At the end of each quarter, Kroger then tallies up each registered card and gives St. Linus a check for that amount.  Picture it as if we had our own pie, the more dollars your group spends will give you a larger percentage of the pie and will be used as credit toward the following year’s tuition.  Individuals/parishioners who wish to participate in the Community Rewards Program, those dollars will be put into the general fund for the school.  It is a win, win for everyone.

Patricia Steven, SCRIP & Kroger Coordinator – St. Linus Catholic School

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