SCRIP Program Information
SCRIP ID# 862421868

What is SCRIP?

Scrip is a term for gift certificate or gift card that can be used at many merchants in our area. Merchants range from groceries to department stores to restaurants. A merchant list and order form can be picked up in the school or parish offices, or viewed online at

How does SCRIP work?

The school buys SCRIP at a discount. You pay face value and the merchant accepts it at face value. For example: the school buys $25.00 worth of Applebees for $24.00. You pay $25.00 and you get $25.00 gift card. The $1.00 difference is profit which is divided, .50 goes to your current year tuition account (or a family you designate) and .50 goes to a school operating fund.

How can this be profitable?

The best part about SCRIP is that you buy with money you would have spent anyway. The profit comes from the merchant and the more you buy the more it adds up. Check this out…

  • A family of 4 spends $100/week in groceries, total yearly profit $260.00
  • The same family spends $20/week in gas 31.20
  • They eat out twice a month ($30 each time) 68.80

Their yearly SCRIP profit would be $180.00 in their tuition account.

Now this assumes that they do not spend money on clothes, shoes, health and beauty aids, toys, videos, home decorating, books or furniture. Every little bit adds up! You will receive a semi-annual statements of your account in November and April so you can watch it grow.

Many merchants now use the power of SCRIP to allow “instant” gift cards – SCRIPNow! If you order online and pay with PrestoPay, merchants send an online giftcard to your family’s SCRIP account, and you can print it out and use it immediately. Merchants who use online gift cards, such as, Lowes, and Home Depot make it very easy to shop and earn tuition money! More merchants are joining this program every week.

How do I order?

    1. See the SCRIP menu links for the registration/rules form and an order form. Fill out the registration/rules form with a daytime phone number (this will be your account number) submit it to the school/parish office.


  1. Orders may be placed in either of the following ways:
      • Your order should be placed in an envelope with a check or money order made payable to “St. Linus Scrip”. Please label the envelope ‘SCRIP ORDER”.
        All completed order forms can be turned in by:

        • dropping them in the collection basket at any Mass,
        • dropping them off in the school office by 9:30 am on Monday each week school is in session, or
        • sending them in to the School Office with your child on Monday.


  2. Ordering online via You can make payment arrangements even easier by using PrestoPay, the method that debits your selected bank account.
  3. Orders will be ready for pick up on Friday of that week after 9:30 am.

If you have any questions about SCRIP feel free to contact Mrs. Pat Steven in the school office at 313.274.5320.

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