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The mission of St. Linus Catholic School is to provide Direction, OppOrtunities, and Resources for each student to grow in Catholic Christian spirituality, academics, and social skills... opening the DOOR to a successful future.

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St. Linus Catholic School currently uses a curriculum that is a combination of Common Core Curriculum, Archdiocese of Detroit ELA, Mathematics, & Religion Curriculum, and Michigan State Standards for Social Studies and Science.  This allows us to tailor our curriculum to fit the needs of our students, provides a rigorous academic program, and allows further knowledge development throughout the core subjects.

  • Some additional support of academics:

    • Algebra is part of the 8th Grade Math curriculum, building a solid base for success in high school.

    • Partnerships exist with Berkley Public Schools for Grades K-8 for education in:
      Art, Music, Physical Education, Study Skills, Spanish, Technology Skills.

    • A teacher-sponsored after school Homework Club assists Middle School students.

    • Lower Elementary grades heavily focus on literacy and emerging mathematics skills allowing for development of higher level skills as students progress.

    • Upper Elementary grades focus on learning to be learners and good students, focusing on the skills necessary for students to succeed in Middle School.

    • Middle School focuses on development of the skills necessary for students to successfully complete their education at St. Linus Catholic School and transition into the high school program with ease.

    • Speech, ESL, and Teacher Consultant services provided by Crestwood Public Schools.

      • Children that present with learning difficulties will follow a set process of

        • (1) child study → (2) documented classroom interventions done by classroom teacher and study skills teacher → (3) a referral for testing or request for testing by parent  → (4) a joint meeting between St. Linus staff and Crestwood staff to set out testing and best plan of action


St. Linus Catholic School strives to create a special bond among students, the home, the school, and the parish, so that all share the strong sense of an extended family working together.

Athletics, Christian Service opportunities, and appropriate social activities provide an opportunity for students to grow in social skills and develop a sense of community. We encourage and value family input and involvement as children explore their special place in this community of faith.

Faith-Based Extracurricular Activities Available (age dependent) –

  • Children’s Liturgy of the Word

  • Epiphany Play

  • Saturday Activity Days based on the Liturgical Calendar

  • Jesus Adoration Club

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Altar Serving

  • Children’s Choir

Afterschool Activities Available (age dependent) –

  • Chess Club

  • Drama Club

  • Engineering Club

  • Running Club

  • Sewing Club

  • Coding Club

Athletics-Based Extracurricular Activities Available (age dependent) –

  • Summer T-Ball

  • Summer Coach Pitch

  • Summer Baseball & Softball

  • Winter Intramural Basketball

  • Winter Intramural Cheer

  • CYO Sports

After-school Activities, Service, & Socials –

  • Scouting

  • Mardi Gras Celebration

  • Curriculum Night

  • Family Activities

  • Homework Club

  • Student Safety Program

  • Student Council

  • Service Squad

Family Involvement

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