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Our Staff

There are many contributors to the St. Linus story and among them are the staff members who are profiled on the following pages. Simply click on a name to learn more about those who work here at St. Linus.

Stoffer_Fr. Patrick155.JPG

Fr. Patrick M. Stoffer O.F.M. Conv.


Renee Crumrine
Business Manager


Dean Demartin
Children's Music


Justin Hammis
Dir. of Music


Catherine Lankford
Parish Secretary

Dorey_Mr. Dwayne42.JPG

Dwayne Dorey
School Building Leader

Marble Surface

Dir. of Religious Ed.

Marble Surface

William Strieff

Join Our Parish

Each year we are pleased to add new members to our parish roster through converts to our Faith and because new families have moved into our community. However they come to us, all new members are welcome at St. Linus and are encouraged to familiarize themselves with our parish and to participate in whatever areas they may feel they are called.

A parish registration form is attached for your convenience. Simply fill it out and drop it off at our parish office.

Finance Council

The Parish Finance Council is a specialized group that assists the pastor in the proper administration of the parish finances, budget, parish facilities, and long-range financial development of the parish, especially in regard to any strategic planning brought forth by the Parish Pastoral Council.

The Parish Finance Council is to have three to nine members who are appointed by the pastor, and they are to have experience in the areas of finance, civil law, accounting, property management, budgeting, and personnel management. For more information, please contact our business manager, Renee Crumrine at


Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is established with the purpose of collaborating with the pastor to discern and articulate the mission and vision of the parish, and to establish the pastoral priorities of the parish. This group assists the pastor in soliciting the wisdom of the parish community on pastoral matters, forming a consensus about pastoral planning, communicating that pastoral vision to the parish, and involving the parish commissions in implementing the vision. Evangelization is at the heart of all the Council’s ministry, so an Evangelization Committee is a subcommittee of the Parish Pastoral Council. Membership is determined through a process of selection and election, and meetings are monthly. For more information, please contact Parish Council President, Ian DiFabio at (313) 212-2431.


Many websites contain information that can be useful to Catholics who are seeking to learn more about their faith.

Click on one of the links referenced here to discover information about Catholic teaching and practice.



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